Screen Mirroring User Agreement


Updated: December 21, 2020
Effective date: December 21, 2020

Welcome to use Screen Mirroring!

       In order to provide you with better services, please carefully read the "Screen Mirroring" User Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"). Before you start using the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services, please be sure to read and fully understand this agreement, especially the terms involving exemption or limitation of liability, terms of rights, licenses, and information use, and agreement to open and use special Individual service terms, applicable laws and dispute resolution terms, etc. Among them, important content such as exemption or limitation of liability will be reminded in bold form, and you should focus on reading. If you are under the age of 18, please read and fully understand this agreement accompanied by your legal guardian, and use the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services after obtaining the consent of the legal guardian.

        Unless you fully accept the entire content of this agreement, you have no right to download, install, register, log in, use (hereinafter collectively referred to as "use") "Screen Mirroring" software, or use "Screen Mirroring" services in any way , Or obtain any service provided by the "Screen Mirroring" software (collectively referred to as "use" in this agreement). If you use "Screen Mirroring" software and related services, it is deemed that you have fully understood this agreement and promised to accept the constraints of the agreement as a party to this agreement.


1. Scope of application

        This agreement is between you and Softin Technology Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "company" or "us") for you to download, install, register, log in, use "Screen Mirroring" software, and obtain "Screen Mirroring" software The agreement concluded by the relevant services provided. When you know and agree to accept the relevant service content, you are deemed to accept the relevant rights and obligations and are also bound by this agreement.

        "User" refers to all users who directly or indirectly obtain and use the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services, including natural persons, legal persons and other organizations. Referred to as "user" or "you" in this agreement.

        "Screen Mirroring" refers to the client application with the name "Screen Mirroring" legally owned and operated by the company and the website whose domain name is [域名]. The company has the right to unilaterally change the names of applications and websites (including but not limited to name changes, additions, etc.).

        The content of this agreement also includes the relevant agreements and rules regarding the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services that the company has released and may continue to issue in the future (including the "Screen Mirroring" Privacy Policy"). Once the aforementioned content is officially released, the company will remind you to read it in a proper way (website announcement, system notification, etc.). The aforementioned relevant agreements and rules constitute an integral part of this agreement, and you should also comply with them.


2. Service content

         Screen Mirroring The specific content of the service is provided by the Screen Mirroring operator according to the actual situation, including but not limited to, live screen casting, photo casting, video casting, etc., by users using the Screen Mirroring service. Screen Mirroring The operator has the right to upgrade or make other adjustments to the service or product form it provides, and will update the page/notify the user in time.

        You agree that Screen Mirroring can send you advertising, promotion or promotional information (including commercial and non-commercial information) by itself or by a third-party advertiser in the process of providing services, and its method and scope can be changed without special notice to you . Screen Mirroring may provide you with a function or channel to choose to stop accepting advertising information, but at any time you are not allowed to block and filter advertising information without expressly stipulated in this agreement or Screen Mirroring without written permission. Screen Mirroring In accordance with the provisions of the law to perform related obligations to advertisers, you should judge the authenticity of the advertising information by yourself and be responsible for your own judgment. Except as clearly provided by the law, your transaction based on the advertising information or the aforementioned advertisement Screen Mirroring shall not be liable for the loss or damage suffered by the content provided by the provider.

        You understand and agree that Screen Mirroring needs to regularly or irregularly overhaul or maintain the products or related equipment that provide services. If this type of situation causes service interruption within a reasonable time, Screen Mirroring does not need to do so Take any responsibility, but Screen Mirroring should be notified in advance as much as possible.


3. Use the service

        3.1 When you use "Screen Mirroring" software and related services, you can obtain the "Screen Mirroring" client application or visit Screen Mirroring related websites through pre-installation, download from a third-party authorized by the company, etc. If you did not obtain the software from the company or a third party authorized by the company, the company cannot guarantee that the unofficial version of the "Screen Mirroring" software can be used normally, and your losses have nothing to do with the company.

        3.2 The company may develop different application software versions for different terminal devices. You should obtain, download, and install the appropriate version according to the actual device conditions.

        3.3 You can use the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services or update the "Screen Mirroring" version according to your own needs. If you no longer need to use the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services, you can uninstall it yourself.

        3.4 In order to better improve user experience and services, the company will provide software updates or changes from time to time (including but not limited to software modification, upgrade, function enhancement, development of new services, software replacement, etc.). In order to ensure the safety of the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services and improve user services, after the software and related services are updated or part of the service content is updated, the company will include but not limited to system prompts, announcements, and site The user has the right to choose to accept the updated version or service. If the user does not accept it, some functions will be restricted or cannot be used anymore.

        3.5 Unless you have obtained the company’s express prior written authorization, you may not in any form make unauthorized access or use of "Screen Mirroring" software and related services, including but not limited to adaptation, copying, dissemination, vertical search, mirroring or trading, etc. .

        3.6 You understand that you need to prepare terminal equipment (such as computers, mobile phones, etc.) related to the software and related services when you use the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services. Once you open the "Screen Mirroring "Software or visit Screen Mirroring related websites, it is deemed that you use "Screen Mirroring" software and related services. In order to fully realize all the functions of "Screen Mirroring", you may need to connect its terminal device to the Internet. You understand that you will bear the required expenses (such as traffic fees, Internet fees, etc.).

        3.7 The company permits your personal, revocable, non-transferable, non-exclusive and non-commercial legal right to use "Screen Mirroring" software and related services. All other rights not expressly authorized in this agreement are still reserved by the company. You must obtain the company's written permission when exercising these rights. If the company fails to exercise any of the foregoing rights, it does not constitute a waiver of this right.

        3.8 You do not need to register to start using the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services. At the same time, you also understand that in order to enable you to better use the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services, and to protect your account security, certain functions and/or certain individual service items, such as post comment services, are required You can use it after you register and log in with your real name in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations.

        3.9 If you find any content infringing your rights in the "Screen Mirroring" software and website, please immediately notify the company via your email and provide preliminary evidence of your rights. The company will promptly follow local laws and regulations. Deal with your complaint.

        You must comply with all policies provided in the service.

       Please do not abuse our service. For example, please do not interfere with our services or try to access these services using methods other than the interface and instructions provided by us. You can only use our services within the scope permitted by law (including applicable export and re-export control laws and regulations). If you do not abide by our terms or policies, or we are investigating suspicious misconduct, we can suspend or stop providing services to you.

       Using our services does not give you any intellectual property rights in our services or the content you access. Unless you obtain permission from the relevant content owner or obtain legal permission through other means, you may not use any content in the service. This clause does not grant you the right to use any trademarks or logos used in our services. Please do not delete, hide or change any legal notices displayed on or with our services.

       Our service will display some content that does not belong to Screen Mirroring. The publishing entity bears full responsibility for these contents. We may review relevant content to determine whether it is illegal or violate our policies; if we have reason to believe that the content violates our policy or violates the law, we can delete it or refuse to display it. However, this does not mean that we will censor the content, so don’t take it for granted that we are censoring.

Some of our services can be used on mobile devices. When using such services, please do not distract yourself and violate traffic or safety laws.


4. Privacy and copyright protection

The "Screen Mirroring" Privacy Policy of Screen Mirroring describes how we will process your personal data and protect your privacy when you use our services. By using our service, you agree that Screen Mirroring can use your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.

        4.1 We attach great importance to the protection of user information, and protecting users' personal information is one of the company's basic principles. The company and users are committed to the protection of users' personal information (that is, information that can identify users independently or in combination with other information).

        4.2 In the process of using "Screen Mirroring" software and related services, you may need to provide your personal information (including but not limited to your name, phone number, location information, equipment information, etc.) so that the company can provide you with Better service and corresponding technical support. You understand and agree that the company has the right to collect, use (including commercial cooperation use), store and share your personal information on the premise of complying with laws and regulations, this agreement and the "Screen Mirroring" Privacy Policy. At the same time, We will protect your rights to browse, modify, delete relevant personal information and withdraw consent in accordance with the law.

        4.3 You can browse and modify the personal identity information submitted by yourself at any time. You understand and agree that for security and identification (such as account or password retrieval appeal service, etc.), you may not be able to modify the initial registration information provided during registration. And other verification information.

        4.4 The company will use the security technology and other security measures that match the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services, and establish a sound management system to protect your personal information and prevent your information from being improperly used or unauthorized Access, use or disclosure of.

        4.5 Without your consent, the company will not disclose your personal information to any company, organization or individual other than the company, except in the following circumstances:

        (1) Obtain your explicit authorization in advance;

        (2) You share, transfer, and disclose to other companies, organizations and individuals on your own;

        (3) It is directly related to national security, national defense security, public security, public health, and public interests;
        (4) Disclosure or provision in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations, mandatory administrative and judicial requirements, or directly related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, and execution of judgments. Under the premise of compliance with laws and regulations, when the company receives the aforementioned request for information disclosure, the company will require the other party to issue corresponding legal documents, such as subpoenas or investigation letters. The company will carefully review all requests to ensure that they have a legal basis and are limited to data that the administrative and judicial departments have legal rights to obtain for specific investigation purposes;

        (5) Within the scope permitted by laws and regulations, it is necessary to maintain the safe and stable operation of "Screen Mirroring" other users, companies and their affiliates, control of the company’s life, property, and other legal rights, or rights protection products or services, For example, to find, prevent, and deal with illegal activities such as fraud and reduce credit risk, etc. (excluding the disclosure or provision of personal information for profit in violation of the promises made in this agreement);

        (6) Personal information from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legal news reports, government information disclosure and other channels;

        (7) Other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations.

        4.6 Please be careful not to disclose your various property accounts, bank cards, credit cards, third-party payment accounts and corresponding passwords and other important information in the use of "Screen Mirroring" software and related services, otherwise any loss may be caused thereby It is your responsibility.

        4.7 Taking into account that the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services may include or link to information or other services (including websites) provided by third parties. You know and understand that third parties operating such services may require you to provide personal information. The company especially reminds you that you need to carefully read the user agreements, privacy policies and other related terms of these third parties, properly protect your personal information, and only provide such third parties when necessary. This agreement (and other agreements and rules related to the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services (including but not limited to the "Screen Mirroring" Privacy Policy") does not apply to services provided by any third party. We do not assume any legal responsibility for the consequences that may arise from the use of personal information provided by you by a third party.

For more information about the protection of users’ personal information, please refer to ""Screen Mirroring" Privacy Policy"


5. Fees and subscription terms

The basic version of Screen Mirroring is completely free to use. At the same time, we have a series of subscription options to better meet your needs. You can choose to purchase our subscription service to access the premium version of the service and content. Our charges depend on different subscription periods, gift plans and promotions, so we reserve the right to update our charged prices from time to time.

You acknowledge that if we change the fee, this will not affect your existing subscription. Therefore, if you have already registered for a subscription for a certain fee, any future price changes will not affect the existing subscription or renewal.

Please note that if you purchase the subscription service of Screen Mirroring through Apple iTunes or the Screen Mirroring App, the following terms will apply:

        • Confirm subscription: After the user confirms the purchase and payment, it will be credited to the iTunes account.

        • Manage subscriptions: Users can manage or cancel subscriptions in the iTunes & App Store account management settings of the mobile phone system.

        • Automatic renewal: Apple’s iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. If you need to cancel the renewal, please cancel manually 24 hours before the current subscription period expires. You cannot cancel the current subscription during the active subscription period.

        • Free trial: After the free trial ends, iTunes will automatically deduct the annual subscription fee from your account and continue to deduct the fee according to the subscription cycle. You can go to the account settings to cancel the renewal 24 hours before the end of the trial. If you pay to subscribe to the premium version before the trial period ends, the current trial will automatically end.

When users are making consumption, please understand the consumption price and matters in advance; if you are a minor, please make consumption after the approval of the guardian.

The rights and interests obtained by the user after payment shall not be inherited or transferred to a third party.


6. User behavior requirements

You are responsible for their use of this product and related services. Unless permitted by law or with the company's prior written permission, your use of "Screen Mirroring" software and related services shall not have the following behaviors:

        6.1 Use any plug-in, plug-in, system or third-party tool that is not authorized or permitted by the company to interfere, destroy, modify or exert other influences on the normal operation of "Screen Mirroring" software and related services.

        6.2 Using or targeting the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services to conduct any behavior that endangers the security of computer networks, including but not limited to:

        (1) Activities that endanger network security, such as illegally hacking into another person's network, interfering with the normal function of another person's network, and stealing network data;

        (2) Provide programs and tools specially used to engage in network security activities such as intruding into the network, interfering with the normal network functions and protective measures, and stealing network data;

        (3) Provide technical support, advertising promotion, payment and settlement, etc., if you know that others are engaged in activities that endanger network security

        (4) Use unauthorized data or access unauthorized servers/accounts;

        (5) Enter the public computer network or the computer system of another person without permission and delete, modify, or add stored information;

        (6) Without permission, attempt to probe, scan, test the weakness of the "Screen Mirroring" system or network, or perform other behaviors that undermine network security;

        (7) Attempt to interfere with, disrupt the normal operation of the "Screen Mirroring" system or website, deliberately spread malicious programs or viruses, and other acts that disrupt and interfere with normal network information services;

        (8) Forged TCP/IP data packet name or partial name.

        6.3 Reverse engineer, disassemble, compile or otherwise try to find the source code of the software for the "Screen Mirroring" software.

        6.4 Malicious registration of "Screen Mirroring" accounts, including but not limited to frequent and batch registration of accounts.

        6.5 Violation of laws and regulations, this agreement, relevant company rules and other acts that violate the legal rights of others.

In any case, if the company has reason to believe that any of your actions violated or may violate the above agreement, the company can independently judge and deal with it, and at any time has the right to terminate the service to users without any prior notice. And hold relevant responsibilities.


7. Modification and termination of service

        7.1 You understand and agree that the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services provided by the company are provided in accordance with the current state of the art and conditions. The company will do its best to provide you with services to ensure service continuity and safety. You understand that the company cannot foresee and prevent legal, technical and other risks at any time, including but not limited to force majeure, viruses, Trojan horses, hacker attacks, system instability, third-party service defects, and other security issues that may be caused by intrusions. Service interruption, data loss, and other losses and risks.

        7.2 You understand and agree that the company has the right to modify, discontinue, suspend or terminate the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services after the announcement and notice in order to serve the needs of the overall operation, without being responsible or liable to the user for any compensation.

        7.3 We believe that it is very important that you own your own data and retain access to such data. If we stop a certain service, when reasonably possible, we will issue a reasonable advance notice to the user and give the user the opportunity to export the information from the service.


8. Warranty and Disclaimer

When we provide services, we will do our best to achieve commercially reasonable levels of skills and care, and we hope you will enjoy using them. However, we are unable to make promises regarding some service matters.

Except for the content clearly stipulated in this clause or additional clauses, Screen Mirroring does not make any specific commitments to the service. For example, we do not make any promises regarding the content of the service, the specific functions of the service, or its reliability, availability, or ability to meet your needs. Services are provided "as is".

        8.1 You understand and agree that the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services may be affected or interfered by a variety of factors, and the company does not guarantee (including but not limited to):

        8.1.1 The company is fully suitable for the user's requirements;

        8.1.2 The company is not disturbed, timely, safe, reliable or error-free; any software, services or other materials obtained by the user through the company meet the expectations of the user;

        8.1.3 Any errors in the software will be corrected.

        8.2 Regarding suspected borrowings or other property-related network information, account passwords, advertisements or promotions, users should treat it with caution and make their own judgments. Based on the foregoing reasons, you have suffered profit, business reputation, data loss or other tangible or intangible information. For losses, the company does not assume any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative or punitive compensation liability.

        8.3 The user understands and agrees that in the process of using the "Screen Mirroring" software and related services, it may encounter factors such as force majeure (force majeure refers to an objective event that cannot be foreseen, cannot be overcome and cannot be avoided), including but not limited to government actions , Natural disasters, network causes, hacker attacks, wars or any other similar incidents. In the event of force majeure, the company will try to repair it in a timely manner, but the user agrees that the company will not be liable for losses caused by the force majeure. .

        8.4 The company obtains the right to deal with illegal content in accordance with this agreement. This right does not constitute an obligation or promise of the company, and the company cannot guarantee timely detection of illegal activities or corresponding treatment.

        8.5 The user clearly understands and agrees that the company does not provide any kind of express or implied guarantees or conditions regarding the services of this agreement, including but not limited to commercial marketability, suitability for specific purposes, etc. Your use of the software and related services of this agreement must be at your own risk.

        8.6 The user clearly understands and agrees that this agreement is to ensure compliance with national laws and regulations, maintain public order and good customs, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of others. The company will try its best to make judgments in accordance with relevant laws and regulations within the scope of its ability, but it does not guarantee that the company’s judgment is completely in line with the judicial The judgments of the agencies and administrative agencies are consistent, if the consequences resulting from this, the user has understood and agreed to bear it.


9. Responsibility for the service (limitation of liability)

         You understand and agree that, to the extent permitted by law, Screen Mirroring shall not be liable for loss of profit, loss of income or data, financial loss or indirect, special, consequential, punitive or punitive damages.

         To the extent permitted by law, Screen Mirroring’s full liability for any claims (including any implied warranties) under these terms is limited to the amount you pay to us for using the service (or we can also choose to provide you with The service).

In all cases, Screen Mirroring is not responsible for any loss or damage that cannot be reasonably foreseen.


10. About these terms

         If there is a conflict between these terms and the additional terms, the additional terms shall prevail. This clause restricts the relationship between Screen Mirroring and you, and does not create any third-party beneficial rights. If you do not comply with these terms and we do not take immediate action, it does not mean that we waive any rights we may have (for example, to take action in the future). If a certain clause cannot be enforced, this will not affect the validity of other clauses.

        10.1 The establishment, entry into force, performance, interpretation and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the mainland of the People’s Republic of China. If any provisions of this agreement are invalid due to conflicts with the laws of the mainland of the People's Republic of China, these terms will be as close as possible to the original intent of this agreement to re-analyze, and other provisions of this agreement shall still have full force and effect.

        10.2 This agreement and related actions are governed and interpreted by the laws of the People's Republic of China. Disputes between you and Screen Mirroring regarding this service, this user agreement or other related matters should first be settled through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, you agree to submit the dispute or dispute to the people's court with jurisdiction in the place where this agreement is signed.

        10.3 In accordance with the development of the Internet and changes in relevant laws, regulations and regulatory documents, or due to business development needs, Screen Mirroring has the right to modify or change the terms of this agreement. Once the content of this agreement changes, Screen Mirroring The modified agreement content will be published directly in the Screen Mirroring application, and the publication will be deemed as Screen Mirroring has notified the user to modify the content. Screen Mirroring The system notification or private message transmission method can also be used to prompt the user to modify the terms of the agreement, service changes, or other important matters. If you do not agree with Screen Mirroring to modify the relevant terms of this agreement, the user has the right and should stop using Screen Mirroring. If the user continues to use Screen Mirroring, it is deemed that the user accepts the modification made by Screen Mirroring to the relevant terms of this agreement.

        10.4 The title in this agreement is only for convenience and reading, and does not affect the meaning or interpretation of any provisions in this agreement.

        10.5 Both you and the company are independent subjects. In any case, this agreement does not constitute any form of express or implied guarantee or condition of the company to users, nor does it constitute an agency, partnership, joint venture or employment relationship between the two parties.

        10.6 The copyright of this agreement belongs to the company, and the company reserves the right to interpret and modify it.